Just for Fun

I thought it might be fun to reserve a page on this site for some non-book-related things.

Like Corgis.  Meet my Darcy:

*photo credit - Lauren from Hey Hey Designs


I adore Corgis.  They're such odd little dogs:  long bodies like Dachshunds, triangle ears like Chihuahuas, facial features like Huskies.  They have long torsos and short, stumpy legs (the name “Corgi” means “dwarf dog” in Welsh).

They’re hard to find in The States, but thanks to the internet, they’re becoming more popular than ever.  In fact, entire blogs and Tumblr sites are devoted to this goofy, unique breed, and they've gained quite a following.  So, I thought I'd devote at least a bit of time to them here:

Some facts about Corgis (all are clickable links):

They’re the Queen’s dogs

They herd cows fearlessly.  

They have soulful eyes.  

They look like stuffed animals.

Since most don't have tails, their ears can often signal their emotions:  Loving and submissive.  Or inquisitive.

They’re super goofy.   Goofy Goofy.

They can imitate Chewbacca.  

They sleep in awkward positionsSee?

They talk 

They’re sassy.  

They can do tricks. 

They even play Scrabble.  

They like to drive.

And swim.  

And chew on cats’ ears.  

And wear costumes.

And dance.  

But best of all?  They smileConstantly.  Even in their sleep.     

No wonder so many people love them.  


  1. What a cute dog! I love dogs. I've never owned a corgi but we have a neighbor who has two corgis. The one loves to play ball. He gets so excited. He catches the ball and runs to chase it. He has a great time. We have a border collie and she too is a herding dog, but she was bred for sheep. Enjoy. :)

  2. Hi Katie!
    Border Collies are great! I've also had Shelties before. I love herding dogs. They're just so smart and have a ton of personality...