Tuesday, July 23, 2019

.99 SALE!

Savoring the Seasons is on sale from today through July 28th, for just .99!

It's the 4th book in my Chilton Crosse series, but it's a standalone with a new main character (no requirement to read Books 1-3).

You can find it at most online retail stores!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

BOOK 5 - Completed!

Look what I just typed! 

After well over a year of brainstorming and writing, 386 pages later, the rough draft of Book 5 is complete!

Next, I'll read over and edit it (more than once), conduct some additional research, then offer it to my publisher. No idea when the book will be released -- too early to tell. But let's hope it's sometime in 2020!

Thanks to everyone for their patience while I worked on this book.  I've got a full-time teaching job that keeps me busy, so I can only write on the occasional weekends, holidays, and summer!  

I'll post updates here as we get closer to the publishing process.