Sunday, September 22, 2013

I Won Something!

A few months ago, I decided to enter my newest novel into a writing contest (my first writing contest ever, eek).  I followed the instructions diligently, polished up my chapter, then submitted it along with a blurb, and clicked, "Send."  

Then I forgot about it.

Well, today I received news that I actually won second place for Contemporary Romance.  Really?!?

What made this particularly satisfying is that I wrote this novel last semester, on every "free" Saturday I had (I'm a teacher and a "free" day isn't very common, ha).  On top of that, it had been a requested novel--a major publisher had asked me to write something geared toward its new imprint.  So, I did, ecstatic.  And I submitted the first three chapters.  And I waited and waited and waited.  And finally, I got a response.  Rejection.  *sigh*  I knew it was certainly possibility, a rejection--there was no guarantee they would publish it--but still, I was hopeful.  And then I was crushed. 

So fast forward all these months later, to this unexpected "win" of that same rejected book.  And I don't feel quite so crushed anymore...  :-)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Publication Announcement!

It's official 

After a long, tedious, frustrating journey toward publication, the time has come.  I signed a contract with Red Adept Publishing a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn't be more thrilled!  The release of my book (romantic suspense novel) is scheduled for spring of 2014, around April or May.  I cannot believe I just got to type those words.  Seriously.

I researched Red Adept heavily before submitting my manuscript, and discovered wonderful things about them.  And everything else I've learned since signing with them has only impressed me more.  They're professional, competent, forward-thinking, and thorough.  They care about their reputation and they're building it well, book by book.  I've felt extremely welcomed by everyone there.  This entire experience has been a blessing, an answered prayer.  

I'll be using this page on my site to post updates about things like the cover (<--can't WAIT for that one!), blog tour info, and release dates.  How surreal.

Pardon me while I "squeeee"!  :-)