Sunday, January 10, 2016

Book Availability - Explained

I was recently contacted by a couple of folks who read/enjoyed Book 1 (Painting the Moon) in my series, but who had trouble finding Book 2 (Finding the Rainbow) and Book 3 (Seeking the Star) on

I wanted to explain why my books are currently unavailable at (for a brief time only).  My publisher recently put the whole series into Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program (it's a book-borrowing subscription program that's pretty neat!).  The only catch??  The series has to be pulled from other online venues (including in order to stay in the KU program for three months.

So, unfortunately, those who purchased Book 1 on Nook won't be able to buy Book 2 or 3 on Nook until March.

But the good news is, there are still other options, if you don't want to wait that long.  All my books are available in paperback here:

Book 1 - Painting the Moon
Book 2 - Finding the Rainbow
Book 3 - Seeking the Star

If you still prefer a digital copy, there are some other options (including special apps to read ANY ebook on your computer or device).  Here are the instructions

I hope this helps a little. If you bought Book 1 and are searching for Books 2 and 3 -- THANK YOU!  It means so much!  :-)


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

After-Sale Stats!

As a reader, I love a good book sale. But as a writer?  I love a good sale even more!  It's fun to watch those numbers climb, but mostly, it's wonderful to know that people are buying my book(s)!  After years in the "rejection trenches," I still have to pinch myself that ANYone is reading my book. Seriously.  (Read my whole road-to-publication story here).

So, if you've bought my book, either through the most recent sale, or sometime in the past -- truly, genuinely, THANK YOU for taking a chance on me and my book(s).  It's incredibly appreciated.  

Well, here are the stats from the big .99 sale (now ended).  PAINTING THE MOON made it to #43 in Amazon Kindle, and #8 in Women's Fiction, wow!

At Barnes & Noble, PAINTING THE MOON reached to #5!  Wow again!

I just re-read a blog entry of mine from 2013, right when I'd first signed the publishing contract with Red Adept.  This is still true today:

Probably the main reason I want to get published is this:  I love the idea of other people reading words I wrote.  I love the notion that someone, somewhere, maybe in Maryland or New York or California, will see the cover, read the blurb, and decide, for some reason, to spend hard-earned dollars to purchase it.  Even more, I like the idea of that person going home after a difficult work day, maybe even with personal burdens, and escaping his/her life, momentarily, through reading my book.  Because that's a huge part of the reason that I read.  I would love for someone to experience what I experience through books--the escapism, the intimacy, and even the reflection of oneself through a character or situation.  The notion that I, somehow, could be any part of that process for someone else is incredible to me.

In the end, it's not about stats and spreadsheets and profits.  It's about knowing that people I've never met are buying and reading my book.  And I can't even begin to say how amazing that is.  Thanks again.  :-)