Wednesday, June 18, 2014

USA Today!

As if getting a book published wasn't already surreal enough, my book's trailer (created by Mary Fan) was just featured in USA Today!  Umm, squeee!  

Link here

Monday, June 16, 2014

Paperback Available!

I don't know if this whole publishing thing felt real until I held the advanced copy of the paperback in my hands.

The book is gorgeous in person--that beautiful cover just pops with color.  And the book feels so weighty and substantive in my hands.  Maybe I'm just old school, but a Kindle just isn't the same thing as an actual book.   ;-)

Click here to purchase the book.  And thank you!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Hip, Hip, HOORAY!

Today is my book's birthday!  Time to celebrate!  *throws confetti all over the internet*

PAINTING THE MOON is available in e-book format at Amazon,, and Kobo.  It's on sale today for $2.99 and the price will increase starting tomorrow, so get yours TODAY!  

The book will be available in softback format at those same online locations in a couple of weeks. 

Here's the book trailer, to whet your appetite:


After years of rejections, and after months of intense edits, it's time.  Time for me to let this book GO, and toss it out into the world to take flight.  It's no longer just my book anymore.  And that's a weird and wonderful feeling.  

"No matter how much I adore writing, no matter the pleasure my stories give me, it isn't until books are read that they really start to breathe."  ~Kate Morton